Community Outreach

Prayer. And more.
We believe that a strong church, and a strong community go hand in hand, and therefore reach out in a number of ways:

Fuel Assistance Program

For several years the Church has been raising money through a special program called “Heatless Sunday.” We shut down the main sanctuary and meet in our Church parlor instead. The savings in fuel are then earmarked for individuals and familes who can’t afford to heat their homes in the winter. Each year, we raise several thousand dollars that are matched by two local heating companies, Alvin Hollis and Williams Coal & Oil, who partner with us in this program.

School for Christian Growth and Development

We offer a variety of courses during the year on weekday evenings. And on occasional Sunday mornings, we invite noted preachers and experts to our pulpit with their presentations. These events are followed by brunch and conversation.

Community Christmas Candlelight Service

In addition to our weekly 10:30 a.m. services, on the Sunday before Christmas, New North Church provides a special afternoon service that includes performers, caroling and candlelight. This community Christmas service also raises money for Father Bill’s Place for the homeless.

On The Job and Beyond

This support group helps people find their next position in a difficult job market. It meets every Monday from 8:30-10:00 a.m. (except holidays and Hingham school snow days) and you will find us in the main level parlor, entered through the doorway on the left side of the church.

Community Lectures

The Church offers a variety of lectures that may be of interest to the community. This past year, for instance, we featured a three-part series on Louisa May Alcott, her family, and her unique contribution to New England.