Community Outreach

New North Church engages with the community, locally and world-wide, in the following ways.

Transitional Housing
New North Church supports local transitional housing (also called ‘sober houses’) which accommodates people in recovery from alcohol and opioid addiction. House residents are responsible for their own meals and transportation, among other things, at a time when they are often out of work. The houses themselves also need support for supplies and food. Our ministry helps residents get through this phase of their recovery and enables the houses to thrive as well. New North Church provides spiritual and material support to Katherine House in Columbian Square Weymouth and Hope Beyond Hope House in Weymouth Landing.

Fuel Assistance Program
New North Church has long maintained accounts with two local heating companies, Alvin Hollis and Williams Coal & Oil, our partners in this program, to assist individuals and families who struggle to heat their homes in the winter.

Children & Education
New North Church supports two foundations aimed specifically at children and their education. One, the Child Fund, operates in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and is a long-time ministry at New North. Each year, we support children through their school years for their education, health care, parental training, clothes and books.
Additionally, the church supports children in Haiti through the Hope Changes Everything program sponsored by the Wintergreen Park Baptist Church in North Carolina.

Hingham CARES
New North Church supports the Hingham C.A.R.E.S Coalition by providing meeting space and extra hands to help them in their mission.  The Coalition fosters a strong and inclusive community that promotes choosing a healthy lifestyle and informed and responsible choices about drug and alcohol use. Find them on Facebook at and on the web at

Food Pantry
New North Church supports the Hingham Interfaith Food Pantry at Second Parish Church with regular monthly donations. For more information, e-mail hinghamfood at or call 781-740-8180.

Community Lectures
New North Church often opens its doors for public forums and discussions. This reflects our heritage as a leading light in the abolition movement in Massachusetts in the years before the Civil War. In the past, we have hosted a three-part series on Louisa May Alcott, her family, and her unique contribution to New England. Most recently, we hosted a panel discussion around the topic of the opioid addiction crisis afflicting southeastern Massachusetts. We take pride in our willingness to talk about anything.