Overdose Prevention

On Saturday, June 23, New North Church hosted a public presentation on opioid overdose prevention by Kurt Gerold of the Anchor Program, affiliated with the North Street Community Church of the Nazarene.  Mr. Gerold’s presentation described opioids and their effect on the body, signs of overdose and how to react. He also explained how naloxone HCl (Narcan®) works and described how to administer it in the event of an overdose.

“Our goal was to provide community support for those struggling with substance use disorder,” said Gerold. “The more people who know how to recognize an overdose and the signs of addiction, the better.”

Rev. Steve Aucella, pastor of New North Church, said, “This training ties in well with our church’s outreach ministry with Katherine House in Weymouth. Opioid addiction has become something of an epidemic in southeastern Massachusetts. Family and friends of addicts want to know how they can help.  Kurt’s presentation goes a long way to educate us all about the nature of addiction and effective treatment.” Press Release

In the photo, we have, left to right:
Kristen Arute, co-chair, Hingham CARES;
Officer Lisa McCracken, HPD;
Kurt Gerold, presenter from The Anchor program in Hull;
Chief Glenn Olsson, HPD;
Rev. Steven Aucella, New North Church pastor