Clock Renovation

New North Church happens to have a town-owned clock up in our bell tower.  In the late nineteenth century, the town decided that knowing the time of day was important, and so took charge of maintaining several strategically-located clocks, three in churches due to the height and visibility of their bell towers (New North Church; the Congregational Church; and the Second Parish Church), and the fourth in what became a schoolhouse and is now a business (Dependable Cleaners in the William Fearing Building). All four clocks survive today but none of them were in workable condition.  At the most recent town meeting, a majority of citizens voted to approve twelve Community Preservation Act projects, one of which includes restoring each tower clock.

Of the four clocks approved for renovation, the clock in the New North Church bell tower is the first, beginning in July, 2017.  This page documents portions of the project in photographs. You can view HCAM’s video of the process here.

You can hear the bell striking the hour in two videos at the bottom of this page.

JULY 11,2017

Ross Hochstrasser ( prepares to speak with HCAM

Armature connections to the four external clock faces

Gear detail

‘What the heck is that?’  Oiling the nuts and bolts before removal

Preparing t0 remove the faceplates

‘Got one!’

Ross (l) &  David (r): The Team

Ross inspects the bell

July 15,2017

The team before the ascent

First attempt. A longer way than you think!

Got the first hand; going for two

It took a few tries to get the right angle

The first two hands on the ground

Yes, a stepladder was involved

The fourth face

October 22,2017


Check this video of the clock mechanism as the bell strikes 2:00.

You can also check out a video of the ringing bell here.